About us
Minerva CQ was founded in early 2021 with the belief that collaborative intelligence (CQ) will redefine work. CQ is the notion that combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence will yield far better outcomes than what either could achieve alone.

In the workplace today this translates to employees tag teaming with AI during conversations so they can resolve complex issues, improve customer experiences, and focus on more meaningful work. But the industry faces challenges.

We believe there is too much black box AI and architectural limitations that prevent an organization to be truly successful with CQ. So we started with a blank slate, reimagined and built a new realtime conversational user experience, an API-first architecture, and a unique model-as-a-service paradigm that enables contact center and field services organizations to successfully deploy and scale CQ.

Today we provide CQ technology (sometimes referred to as realtime conversation intelligence) for contact center and field services teams in the electrification, retail energy, and telecommunications industries. AI agent assist