Does your dog:

•Jump on people?

•Pull when on a leash?

•Show signs of aggression, fear, or anxiety?

•Not come when called?

•Mouth/nip you or other people?

These are just a few issues that Spirited K9 has successfully helped many owners with all types of dogs overcome!

Spirited K9 is a licensed & insured training center located in Blue, Ridge GA. We offer high-quality board and train programs at a fair price.

Our Certified Professional Dog Trainer has over a decade of experience in helping owners solve problematic behaviors through a balanced approach catered to each, individual dog. From basic manners and puppy training to off-leash reliability and behavioral rehabilitation, Spirited K9 is Georgia’s prime dog training location.

We can help you understand and improve your relationship with your dog while encouraging the K9 spirit! off-leash obedience