Experts in Incident Response, Forensic Investigation and Active Defence cybersecurity services.

A dedicated team led by our founder that has specialised in Incident Response and Digital Forensics since 2009, successfully remediating and investigating hundreds of incidents caused by external and internal attackers – countering threat groups as well as malicious insiders, across a wide range of industries.

We know incidents – and their causes – first hand. Our experience as “firefighters and investigators” gives us a unique perspective and understanding of the underlying root causes and how best to proactively prepare for incidents.

SiegeBrake’s Mission
We aim to enable organisations to succeed at protecting against and responding effectively to security incidents.

We understand business and how business is done to provide 100% realistic and actionable recommendations. Our specialists provide clients with both technical and business acumen from experience securing organisations across a multitude of industries.

We are driven by our passion for preventing and solving cybercrime, providing clients with leadership and effective solutions to solve their security problems.

We utilise actionable cyber intelligence to provide cost-effective information, solutions and leadership that will enable your organisation to prevent and respond to threats with minimal to no impact.

We foster a collaborative environment that allows our experienced team of security professionals to address your concerns and help you reach your goals in a pragmatic, confidential and effective manner. Data Breach Assistance