The Goa Jazz Academy is a community of music lovers and learners. Our courses allow you to explore your passion for music in a self-paced setting.

At its heart, our programs are built around mentorship.

GJA faculty/mentors are deeply invested in cultivating each student’s motivations and abilities to help you learn in a practical way to your musical journey. We understand that someone pursuing music as a passion or hobby can be as serious about it as a professional. We are here to help you meet your goals.

While we mentor, we are also sensitive to the needs of deserving students. We provide scholarships to students across our programs, many of whom are professional musicians making a living out of music. In addition, we are connected to learners in Tier II & III cities across India.

Our fully equipped learning centre in Goa is always buzzing with activity. Follow us about classes, concerts, student jams, and more.

Make music anywhere and everywhere by signing up for our exciting online courses – choose between focused one-on-one sessions or learning alongside musicians from around the country. Learn to sing