Signed XO is a talented hip-hop artist from P.G. County, Maryland who’s quickly on the rise. Now based in California, he’s been actively releasing music and showing listeners his diverse flow and melody with every release. His music speaks on real life events, yet relatable topics including friendships and relationships.

One of his most recent releases for example, “D.R Flow’s” is an example of Signed XO’s smooth vibe that makes listeners want to take a tropical vacation. He raps, sings, and provides a catchy hook that’s honestly very digestible and easy to listen to anywhere. The video for “D.R Flow’s” is on the way — so make sure to keep up with Signed XO and what he has next.

My artist name is Signed XO. My real name is Troy Townes. My artist name comes from me having a lot of knowledge in what I do. Everything is say, I stand by it 100%, my word is everything. It’s as if it was my signature, hence the name “Signed” . XO is very stylistic. XO represents me being very charismatic. XO is also typically considered of higher value, or superior. So I put Those two words together and came up with Signed XO. Signed XO Rapper