Honesty is the number one ingredient when it comes to pest control. Unfortunately, it is rare to find that in today’s society. Gopher Squad is a family owned business that started in 2014 to give back what has been lost. We are proud to provide honest pest control services to families and businesses across the inland empire.

We are known to provide excellent quality pest control at competitive prices. We use the best products and practices with the mission of making it safe for everyone including our beloved pets. Why do customers love us? Simple, we build relationships that last. Our techs are trained to interact directly with our customers providing valuable knowledge and excellent customer service.

How is trust built? By having qualified people do the job right. Gopher Squad’s proud owners are themselves Licensed Qualified Applicators with the CA Department of Pesticide Regulation. The business is licensed and insured. Continuing education is constantly pursued so our techs can be up to date with the best pest control practices. Why? For the sole benefit of our customers. Weeds