Hello! My name is Bashar and my purpose is to help motivated individuals achieve their professional and business goals. In fact, I’ve helped over 200 people develop their skills and talents since 2017.

Why coach?

​Coaching is genuinely rewarding to me. I truly enjoy getting to know people deeply and looking for ways to help them progress their career. The job you have affects so much of your life experience. Because of that, I’m focused on helping people get where they want to be in life, walking step-by-step through that journey.

What qualifies me to be a coach?

Calm, curious, thoughtful & conversational personality

6 years mentoring new grads & early to mid-career clients.

6 years in CPG, life sciences, research, R&D, brand strategy.

10 years writing & optimizing industry-focused resumes.

5 years in academia across undergrad & grad studies.

3 years entrepreneur real estate, personal finance, coaching. Career Coaching